Thankfully I pick up some strong wireless signals from inside this box.
Anyone interested in forming a shantytown with me?


Thankfully I pick up some strong wireless signals from inside this box.

Anyone interested in forming a shantytown with me?

Y I FAV - Emre Guven

This set of images by Emre Guven really caught my eye. It’s a set of photos shot for Marie Claire Turkey with model Simone W. These photos are truly beautiful :)

simone1 Simone W by Emre Guven for Marie Claire Turkey May 2012

I have a soft spot for industrial settings, something just draws me to them. This shoot takes advantage of what these types of settings have to offer, from the lighting to the colour pallet.

simone2 Simone W by Emre Guven for Marie Claire Turkey May 2012

Looking at the lighting, the photographer only used the beautiful soft light coming from the wonderful factory style windows as their key light. The shoot is really based around using the light coming from them.

simone3 Simone W by Emre Guven for Marie Claire Turkey May 2012

They’ve used some nice fill and if their’s any extra lights, they’ve mixed them in quite seamlessly. Using large windows like these during the middle of the day gives you excellent lighting for portraits. Chuck a light modifier over the windows (eg a white bed sheet) and that light will be as soft as it can be.

simone5 Simone W by Emre Guven for Marie Claire Turkey May 2012

A setting like this (this one appears to be an old factory unit turned into someone’s house/work space) can give you so much to work with. You’re given so many textures and backgrounds to work with, the lighting also gets a geometrical aspect to it coming through the frames. The images of the unit give wonder to the history of the building, the background is genuinely interesting whilst not deterring from the subject, quite amazing if you ask me.

simone9 Simone W by Emre Guven for Marie Claire Turkey May 2012

Both the photographer and the model have done a brilliant job of utilizing the space they worked in, I’ve only seen this set of photos not 5 minutes ago, but it’s one of my favourites now!

simone8 Simone W by Emre Guven for Marie Claire Turkey May 2012

simone7 Simone W by Emre Guven for Marie Claire Turkey May 2012

Modelling shoot - Nela

My last shoot was at a Bondi park with a european model, Nela. I’ve learnt a bit by really thinking about this shoot, being quite mindful about the shoot.

Model Nela 01

There is quite a difference between shooting men and women. Generally, you can get a bit of leeway when shooting male models, but with females, you really have to be more delicate and pay more attention to the little details.

Model Nela 06

The skin of women needs to be clear, smooth, blemish free, this means softer light, more fill, more time in post - it really is a bit more of an effort to shoot female models.

Model Nela 02

All this extra effort does pay off, you become better at your shoots in general. There’s also things female models can pull off that a male cannot, not just in clothing or posing, but pulling ‘softer’ style shoots, adding more gracefulness means you go for the female model when you shoot.

Model Nela 07

Of course, technically any model can pull off anything they want, and we could go into the role of stereotypes in media, but in its essence, the success of the shoot you wish to do, could come down to the gender of your model.

Y I FAV - Ilaria Luciani

Ilaria, or as known on Flickr ~ielle~, is one of the first photographers I have fallen in love with. She hails from Monza, Italy.

è estate e non c'è sole

She’s taken many fantastic portraits of people. The natural look that most of them have gives the feeling that she’s quite comfortable behind the camera, and her subjects too, in front of it.


She prefers to use natural light in her shots, and a lot of them turn out with rather soft qualities, even under hard-light conditions, which means she has a keen eye for putting together colours, light and shadow that compliment each other appropriately, not to mention her distinct processing style that lets even subdued colours really ‘pop’.


The main reason to like her photos, is the spirit that appears in all of them. She really does appears to be having fun taking these photos of life around her, I admire her ability to find beauty, and do it justice, in her world.


Her photos inspire me to try for more naturally lit shots, and to take more in general. She has over 900 shots posted to her Flickr, and producing a lot of content definitely pays off, with plenty of attention to her photos, including 199 of her photos being posted to Flickr’s ‘Explore’.

un lontano agosto

Vanity cat


Having a chat online with my good friend Sarah ( ) has sparked up a few ideas to let the ball roll on this blog! 

I’ll be posting about my favourite photographers and their images in a segment entitled
" Y I FAV". Most of these will be from the Flickrverse, so it can all be linked properly!

Hopefully I can use the time writing these posts to help me really think about the photos I want to take.

And, more so, hopefully it can bring more attention to these wonderful photos and help spread a bit of inspiration around :)

-Proper lense cleaning-

This video will show you how to properly clean your lenses without scratching or smearing them further. Follow these tips to leave your lenses as good as new!

Modeling Portfolio shoot - at the park.

A week or two ago, I did a modeling shoot in an inner city park. It was a nice sunny (albeit unbearably stinking hot) day, and my model needed some photos to add to his portfolio,  and in fact so did I.

Model Harris 06

Model Harris 05

I used a very simple lighting setup - one light mixed in with the ambient light. It’s great to be able to shoot like this, you can do the whole shoot by yourself, no assitance required, and you can move quickly, no stuffing around whatsoever.

Model Harris 02

I find some of the larger parks to be excellent shooting locations, you get a wide variety of  background and lighting options.

Model Harris 03

We kept the shoot simple, getting some nice, natural looking portraits of the model. Having a nice simplistic approach I find can keep you sane on the job. There’ll be shoots when need to get the exact amount of fill on a shirt button (or something!), but for most shoots, K.I.S.S.! At least in the best way you know how.

Model Harris 01

The shots added for some nice images to add to my portfolio, and I even used them in a job interview the following week. I’m glad I booked this shoot, because it saved my ass! I just need to get that job now!

Model Harris 04

I had fun doing a nice simple shoot, and I hope these photos land him a good job!
I should just remember to provide some chilled bottled water on my next outdoor shoot, lest I let my model (and myself) die of dehydration :O.

Initial Post

Hey there, 

To anyone reading this, I am making this blog to share my experiences and thoughts on photography.
I am just starting to get into the industry, I have been active with a camera for about 4 or so years now, and it is now that i feel the confidence to say ” i have something great to offer”

This art form, comes very naturally to me. I might feel that i’m just providing a service, sometimes, with portraiture, or copy work or documentation, but I feel the art in whatever images that i produce.  I have a real passion for it, and now that I’m really getting stuck into this as part of my career path, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to document my growth as well.

I will be posting images that I have taken, along with what I experienced to get that picture.

I will be posting other people’s images, also with my own thoughts and how i could incorporate them into my own work.

I will be posting gear reviews, and for now, I will have a focus on some of the cheaper, some might consider trash, pieces of equipment.

I also have a bit of a spiritual view on photography (mostly to do with how the mind works when taking/sharing photos) but don’t worry, I’m no preacher, I would merely like to share my thoughts.

I’ve found that sharing is a great way to let yourself grow. Reading up on other people’s experiences and the way that they work with their photos has always helped me.
Whether I agree with it or not, it always gets me to think, and that’s important because that’s exactly where photography starts, when you think and plan.

Also, i’ve found there is no ‘right’ way to do things in photography. Sure there’s the right way to do business, but when you create an image, the only right thing is common sense and going with your gut.

I hope to all that read this blog that I am creating, my experiences and thoughts will help in any way possible. I can’t wait to get stuck into it!


My thoughts and gatherings on the photographic world.

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